Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 31 October 08

Who watches the Watchmen?

When I was at the Queen’s University of Belfast (let’s give it its proper title and see if we can incite people to have a protest parade against that), I went through a phase of buying and reading comic books. I never felt entirely able to call them graphic novels, because I thought it was trying to justify a guilty pleasure unnecessairly. Regardless, I had kind of thought that I had grown of them, largely because my wife (then girlfriend who I was still trying to impress) thought they were, well, a bit rare.

Fast forward to the here and now and I have largely given up trying to impress my wife. Empire Magazine (which I subscribe to) did a feature a couple of months ago on the film of the Watchmen coming out next year (boring law suits aside), which kind of got me thinking about the medium of graphic novels again. So I bought the complete series (which Time Magazine included in its 100 best novels of the 20th century) and have just finished reading it. I tend to now judge a book on whether I will stay up late to read it and the last few nights I have been turning the lights off around half past midnight (rock ‘n’ roll). It is really clever, politically provocative and well drawn and I had no idea how far its influence had spread (Heroes Series 1 anyone?) From what I have seen from the trailer, the film looks to be a very faithful adaption. Roll on next year (when I will have to find something other than my wife to go with me).

In the meantime, the graphic novels picking up on Stephen King’s Dark Tower/Gunslinger series and full-on geekdom beckon…



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