Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 9 September 08

A repeated public apology

As Scrabo Power has pointed out below, and despite my post to the contrary, this blog has been greatly neglected of late. I feel at this time I at least have a reason to justify this – H gave birth to our second daughter Beth (henceforth B) just over 2 weeks ago. B and I have had limited time to get to know each other yet, as I have been the self-appointed “Chief of Keeping K Amused” during my 2 weeks of parternity leave (a task which would undoubtedly been made easier if the weather has been better). All of my girls are well and we are getting used to each other.

Any spare time I have had has seen me going to a quiet room and reading Stephen King’s epic The Dark Tower (well, re-reading the first four books and reading the next three for the first time). Once I finish them, I’ll blog on them, but in the meantime I promise to give all you football fans out there a detailed insight into Norn Iron’s defeat at home to the Czech Republic tomorrow night…



  1. Well done family crane for surviving the first 2 weeks! lots of love to you all.

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