Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 10 August 08

I love to ride my bicycle

One thing I have been doing quite a bit of since the 12th is going on bike rides with K. I bought myself a cheap bike from Halfords (the second cheapest they had in stock, as if that didn’t make me look a cheap-skate), a seat for K and a couple of helmets. Despite the inclement (i.e. absolutely crap) weather Norn Iron has endured this summer, we have been out on the bike to various parks etc probably every second or third day and it has been a great bonding experience for us.

Getting used to the extra weight on the back took time (particularly given that I hadn’t cycled even by myself for probably over 3/5 years), but now we have a pretty good thing going. Well, she certainly does, as all she has to do is sit behind me as I do all the work, complain whenever the road is too bumpy and occasionally make me sing our cycling song which I now regret having written.

Fresh air, exercise and a girl who loves her daddy – bad weather or not, maybe this hasn’t been such a bad summer after all.




  1. you buy bikes the way i buy wine!

  2. Such a cute picture of K! KBE also enjoys cycling with the dude – I’m thinking you boys can cycle along while H and I follow in the car with refreshments!

  3. Cool – taught our wee man to ride his bike while on holiday. I was fairly determined given that the bike rack for the back of the car cost almost as much as his bike but after many days of him struggling to work out the pedals have to go forward for him to move it was one of my proudest dad moments when he finally twigged and started cycling on his own. One of the scariest too when he discovered the joy of free wheeling down steep hills before I had taught him about brakes!

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