Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 18 July 08

“I hear you’re a racist now Father…”

I’ve been off the last couple of days and have watched as much of the Open as possible on the BBC. The golf coverage is superb, but there is no way that the commentators would get away with a number of the comments they make if they were commentating on any other sport. Get a load of some of these beauties from today:

  • On the appearance of an Asian golfer on the screen, one commentator said “I know I said I fancied a Chinese last night, but…”
  • Another Asian golfer was described as looking “inscrutable” (a la Fu Manchu presumably).
  • One commentator made reference to Oddjob from “Goldfinger” when the overnight leader KJ Choi from South Korea was on the screen.
  • Another commentator intrdouced sight of one Cariberrean golfer by saying “Trinidad and Tobago” in a very bad Reggae-like accent.

Insightful into attitudes that I suspect may reflect a number of middle-class golfers throughout the British Isles…



  1. That is wild!
    I’m laughing… nervously.
    Surely heads need to roll, I hope you are doing your bit and chatting to OFCOM, I’m on my way to do it now…

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