Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 28 June 08

90 minutes to go – Viva Espana!

If Spain win the final on Sunday, then I win the office sweepstake and £32. Given that the final is on my birthday, how can they possibly lose?



  1. worked out well for you then.

    my logic is … Torres won it.. there fore Liverpool won it…

    N.I. beat them in qualifying.. therefore N I are the best team in europe

  2. I don’t follow the bit about Liverp**l winning it (although it was a great finish to be fair), but rest assured that I have already made your second point about Norn Iron on a number of occasions.

    I feel a nostalgic blog about that Wednesday night at Windsor coming on…

  3. Result reflects very well on Northern Ireland. That Spain game was one of the greatest football nights ever!!!!

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