Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 2 June 08

That’s the hardest part

Last Friday morning was hectic as I was trying to get tickets for Coldplay’s concert in December in Belfast on t’internet. I hate things like this, as I just crumple under the pressure. It is always days like this when your computer goes even slower than normal and people seem hell-bent on distracting you. I got to a certain stage on the Wonderland site (which I’d registered on the previous day) and then it just crashed for some unknown reason. By the time, I got back in, all the tickets were sold out for their one show. Arse.

More in hope than expectation, I went onto Ticketmaster and suddenly spotted that a new date had been added for Belfast. I managed to get 4 tickets (over £200!!!) and am really looking forward to it. I know they aren’t the most fashionable band in the world and it seems easy to knock them. However, I can’t think of a band that has released 3 more consistently good albums than Parachutes, A Rush of Blood to the Head and X&Y. I bought Parachutes as soon as it came out in 2000(?) off the back of hearing Yellow on the radio when I was seconded in Dublin for a few months in 2000. It was great to feel like I was discovering something by myself and, probably because of that, I have always felt a real affection for Coldplay (maybe even “connection to” if that isn’t too arsey).

Top tracks in no particular order: “Don’t Panic”, “Shiver”, “Yellow”, “In My Place”, “Speed of Sound”, “The Hardest Part”, “Swallowed By The Sea”.



  1. Glad you got tickets as well. It’s all seated!

    Strong X&Y representation in your selection there – very interesting

  2. Yeah, the more I thought about, I must heavily favour albums 1 and 3 even though I imagine “A rush of blood to the head” spawned the biggest hits. “The hardest part” is great and the video was unexplicably brilliant.

  3. What do you think of the new album?

  4. After a few listens, still unsure of the start, but some stand-out tracks. “Viva la Vida” has the potential to become a new favourite, and I am also enjoying “Strawberry Swing”, “Lovers in Japan” and “Violet Hill”.

    What about you chum?

  5. Yeah I like it. Strawberry swing is prob my favourite at the minute – also lovers in japan/reign of love.

    Apparently there’s a version of life in technicolour with vocals kicking about.

  6. Did you see them live at the BBC earlier tonight? December will be a long time coming…

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