Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 16 May 08

The best show on TV…

I’m really enjoying ‘The Apprentice’ this time round – it is must-see TV with the collection of numpties that they have assembled for our viewing pleasure. The idea that these candidates are the best that UK business has to offer is laughable – the show is 100% entertainment hanging off a business hook and should be taken as that.

Sir Alan Sugar is great, but for me the real stars are his aides, Nick Hewer and Norn Iron’s own Margaret Mountford. Some of their comments, put-downs, even looks show great comedy timing as they watch the buffoons assembled before them stumble through another task. If any of the candidates actually does something right, you almost have to a double-take in surprise. Adrian Chiles’ show ‘The Apprentice: You’re Fired!’ gives the most recently fired candidate the chance to either carry on the charade that they are employable or, as is become increasingly common this time round, to admit that they were rubbish.

My tip for the final four: Alex, Claire, Lee and the increasingly legendary Raef…



  1. yeah… i agree about Raef, really growing on me. Liked how he refused to join in with the ‘ganging up’… and ‘posh’ is very in 😉

  2. The Apprentice is compulsory viewing in our house. I’ve liked Raef from the start, not too keen on Alex and think Lucinda could do surprisingly well. Why is Helena still there?

    I agree Nick and Margaret are great – did you know she’s a Strathearn girl?

  3. Know it? My missus points it out every episode!!! Particularly liked when she said that Edinburgh was no longer what it was by virtue of Michael having read classics at it.

    Helene should have gone last week, but Sara was one of those people who was always going to go when Sir Alan got the chance.

    I thought Raef was a complete tit after week 1. Since then, he has gone up in my estimation week after week, particularly after the bullying incident that QMonkey has highlighted.

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