Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 6 May 08

Some things I learnt from this Bank Holiday Monday

1. If you are going to run more than 3.5 miles, you should probably prepare for it. I ran a 3.5 mile leg in the Belfast Marathon last year without any training and assumed I could do the same with a 6 mile leg this year, until I started to panic on Saturday and went out for one 3 mile training run. I finished 6 miles in 50mins which isn’t too bad, but the trade-off was that I could barely walk up stairs today.

2. The Sydenham By-Pass is much longer than you think and is fairly soul destroying to run along.

3. If you are going to run a leg in the marathon, do an early one so that if it is a boiling hot day, you won’t end up getting burnt/dying of exhaustion. The 3 people in my work who did the last legs yesterday were fairly easy to spot in the office today.

4. Having the marathon on your daughter’s second birthday should be avoided if at all possible.

5. My wife makes a mean birthday cake. Check out Noddy below, surpassing even her efforts with Miffy last year.

6. I am pretty good at croquet – my brother isn’t.

7. Next year, K will get a maximum of one present from each family member on the day itself – she was, once again, completely lost with all that was being given to her and would have enjoyed things more if they were spaced out.

8. K has inherited a mean sense of humour. At about 10pm yesterday evening (I know…), without suggestion from me she said “Mummy walking” and started to walk around with her tummy sticking out as far as she could to impersonate her already heavily pregnant mother. It nearly killed both of us and was by far and away the highlight of my day. It has been amazing two years and I love her to bits.




  1. The Sydenham bypass does go on a bit doesn’t it? I did that leg last year but managed to do the full 26 yesterday. I cramped up at 17 miles and had to drag my sorry legs home for the last 9. It’s the most sporting emotional pain I’ve felt since my Grandad laughed at me when Michael Thomas scored in 1989. I know your pain, I can’t be bothered going up the stairs to go to bed because it means I have to go up the stairs.

  2. Man, you’ve put my pain in my perspective. The full 26 miles – fair play. That’s something I don’t think I can do.

    Your Grandad sounds like my kind of man – I remember jumping around my bedroom in delight when that I heard that goal go in on the radio.

  3. Your wife does make exceedingly good cakes, hope you all had a good day.

    I am so unsporty I can’t really feel your marathon pain, though my sister said she could barely walk after Monday.

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