Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 30 April 08

“Follow, follow, follow… ’cause United are going to Moscow”

But I’m not. The fact that Liverp**l haven’t made it makes me think that there is slightly less chance of it getting “a bit tasty” (to paraphrase every bad football hoolie book ever written – is there a good one?), but there are still two main reasons that put me off thinking about seriously. (1) Cost – flights, hotels (roughly £250 a night apparently), visa etc. (2) Trouble – 2 English teams + drink + Russian police + Russian mafia = carnage.


“Paul Scholes, he scores goals”\

Last night was my cup final. I have never experienced a better atmosphere at Old Trafford, or a more nervous one. It wasn’t helped by Paul Scholes being inches from giving away a penalty in the first minute, but he reminded us why he has been arguably the best player in the history of the Premiership soon enough (tackling was never his strong point…) Barcelona were great on the ball (Messi was the best player on the pitch), but they never created that much and we had chances to kill the game off. That would have been too easy though. I’ll probably watch the final on my own in a darkened room (I would rather have gone out last night that lost to Liverp**l in the final, so at least that fear has been removed, although I can’t say I was actively supporting Chelsea as I supported Arsenal in the last round).

Afterwards, through a friend of a friend, I got into the VIP suite where I rubbed shoulders with the likes of (in descending order) Sir Bobby Charlton, Steve Bruce, Sir David Frost, “Second Choice” Steve McLaren, Martin Edwards, Lenhart Johanson and Alistair Campbell. I even got to shake the hand of Sir Alex Ferguson and have a deep and meaningful conversation with him along these lines:

Friend: “Sir Alex, this is a friend of mine.”

SAF: “Hi, nice to meet you.” [Shake hands]

TBYC: “Nice to meet you too. Well done, great result – you must be delighted.” [Still shaking hands]

SAF: “Oh aye, brilliant night. Can’t beat it.” [Stop shaking hands – SAF moves away]

I am now going to start referring to him simply as “Alex” on the basis we are firm friends…



  1. I don’t think even Jackie Fullerton could have blagged his way into that room!

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