Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 20 April 08


I’ve been a bit remiss of late in blogging, for which I apologise. I can only blame the pressures of modern life and a very busy period at work which means that my imagination has been strangled by fighting over property warranties, reading leases and drafting reports on title…

The bright light in my life continues to be K, who is fast becoming the funniest person I know (apart from Harry Hill and myself). Some of her looks just send me into kinks of laughter (there is no point in my trying to describe them or explain why). Today, we saw one of our elderly neighbours called Roy as we were getting into the car. He waved from across the road, so I asked K to shout “Hi Roy” to him. She did twice, but he obviously didn’t hear her. K seemed to take it personally as she shook her head and said, largely to herself “Tsk – Roy no answer”. I nearly dropped her.

In amongst the laughter, there is still the problem of a poor sleeping pattern and her eczema. With great timing, the latter seemed to ease up just as H was due to take her to see a consultant. The doctor in questions seemed to have a fairly unfortunate manner (many consultants seem to in my experience) and he didn’t endear himself to H (or, by osmosis, K who said he was “a bad doctor man”). He refused to talk about what might be causing the problem and he seemed to only be interested in prescribing a “blast” treatment to see if that would ease the problem before a review in 3 weeks.

H’s main concern relates to the daily use of hydrocortisone creams on K, not only because she understands that it thins the skin, but because if her skin gets use to a certain strength of it, then the only option is to increase the strength. We had used it intermittently, but now are to use a stronger dose twice daily, combined with regular moisturising and daily bathes with an emollient. To date, our focus has been mainly in trying to establish what (if anything) in her diet may be causing her problems.

Our view (following a lot of emotional discussion) is that we have to follow the advice given and see how it works out. The key thing is to ease K’s irritation at her skin (which, thankfully, is a lot less worse than a lot of kids suffer from) and make her more comfortable. I am starting to realise that parenting will mean making a lot of difficult decisions when you really don’t know what is right.


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