Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 13 April 08


I had a good weekend. Friday night was a very good Bible study with 2 friends I don’t get to see as much as I once did and the legend that is J. S. Mills. If only I could have the same desire to throw myself into considering and wrestling with God’s Word by myself.

Saturday morning followed the usual form. I gave H a lie-in by getting up with K and then went round to my mum’s house. She is a real source of support, as are H’s family and we are both very appreciative of them (although we could probably tell them that more and show it sincerely). K loves her Granny Kay, probably because she is the adult willing to get closest to her own level. I left them to it for half-an-hour when I nipped down to Holywood and got myself a fry for brunch (I take my pre-match routines from the 1970’s).

We had a cup game on Saturday afternoon, which we lost 3-2. However, the team who beat us is in the league above and we played them off the park for long periods. We actually got a penalty in the last minute, but one of our co-managers blazed it over. I didn’t have the cajones to volunteer to take it, so I’m not going to slag him off (well, I am and did, but I mean seriously). We can be thoroughly proud of how we played as a team (though I felt a bit off-the-pace on a very large pitch for the first time since my come-back at the start of January and am glad the season is coming to an end soon).

Saturday night was a rare night out for a Chinese meal and drinks with some guys from the team (in between the match and going out, I cut both lawns and hoovered most of the house to justify myself). I enjoyed their company, the food and banter, but mainly because of it being a novelty. I rarely ‘go out’ in Belfast on Friday or Saturday nights and most nights out for me are on away football trips. The thought of it being a weekly thing does nothing for me.

Sunday (today) was a great day weather and fun-wise. After church, we had ice-creams in the garden followed by “football” and watering the plants. I then took K round to my mum’s so that she could play and I could watch United beat Arsenal in a great game before H came round and we all had tea. I then nipped home before H and K so I could do some much-needed tidying in my study before we put K to bed. I finished the day off with some work and this blog, watching the always enjoyable ‘Dodgeball’ and Arsene Wenger talking nonsense on ‘Match of the Day 2’.

All in all, an undramatic and yet hugely enjoyable weekend. I feel very grateful for all the good things in my life and almost ready for work tomorrow. So off to bed…


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