Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 5 April 08

Very Soon

I’m embarrassed to say that I only ventured into Victoria Square for the first time on Thursday. Shopping for anything other than CDs or DVDs holds no appeal for me, so why should I be embarrassed?

Firstly, VS is only 5mins walk from my office. Secondly, I am very proud of my city and the construction/opening of VS was a huge moment as we moved from our bleak past to a hopefully more peaceful and prosperous future. Thirdly, my work is all about property (or real estate as we have rebranded it/ourselves). What eventually got me round was that I am acting for an English-based client taking a unit and I thought it would  be important to be able to say I had at least since where their unit was.

I was incredibly impressed by the building itself, which seems to actually fit into the existing streets around it. I particularly like the viewing gallery at the very top of the glass dome (or the ‘big blue tit’ as taxi drivers seem to have christened) from which I could see the two big yellow cranes, Stormont, the Holywood hills and even Scrabo Tower on a great, sunny day.  The shopping itself I can leave, but the fact that retailers like the House of Fraset are now in Norn Iron for the first time is brilliant. Hopefully the Dublin weekenders will now spend more money in their own economy and not just because of the exchange rate. From my travels, I don’t think it or any of the regional cities in the mainland have much more to offer them.

Debenhams must be crapping themselves…



  1. I was delighted to see Scrabo from the dome.

    Like the way it opens out onto the streets. It makes the exterior of Castle Court look very 1990!

    Apparently its opened-up to walk through 24 hours a day – brave move. Maybe I should have more faith in our local young people!

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