Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 27 March 08

Norn Iron 4 Georgia 1

A great first half at Windsor Park last night when Norn Iron scored 3 good, well-worked, team goals against an admittingly poor Georgia team. I’m not a fan of friendly games with nothing at stake and the second half was very poor after a series of substitutions (including three Irish League players) disrupted the game’s flow completely, but I’ll not get greedy – we scored four goals!

The highlights of the night were David Healy being presented with an award by Michel Platini before the game for his record-breaking efforts in the last qualifying campaign (which on the news tonight looked like a child had designed it) and realising half way through the first half that the Georgian keeper was Napoleon Dynamite.

georgia-keeper.jpg                                                             napoleon.jpg

A clueless high school student                               A clueless international goalkeeper



  1. Ninety – give us a wave!

    I’ve been likened to Mr Dynamite in the past.

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