Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 25 March 08

Post Easter catch-up

This was a blog-free Easter for me for a number of fairly unexciting reasons initially (a large amount of work to do and general tiredness) and then the desire to consciously not blog for a few days to give myself (and those who read this) a break from my ramblings. I feel all the better for it, but normal service will be resumed from now.

In the meantime, and as my return to work looms large tomorrow morning, here are some edited highlights of my Easter break and the run-up to it (in descending order):

1. A feeling that I actually “got” the message of Easter this year thanks to a great sermon on Good Friday evening. I am convinced that because Jesus died for the sin of the world and rose 3 days later I can know God in the here and now.

2. Spending some quality time with K, feeding ducks, playing in a park and just mucking about at home. I find being a dad hard at times, but sometimes just glancing at her and catching her smile is the best feeling in the world. She was ridiculously excited at the thought of our family Easter party last night and had a great (if over-excited) time.

3. H’s appointment with her consultant going well. Her belly is expanding at a rate of knots and K has decided that whether she has a little brother or sister, it will be called ‘Baby Papa’ in tribute to her own Papa.

4. This (I thought long and hard about putting it further up the list…):

5. A great round of golf today with my brother. I haven’t played since Christmas and am thinking that I should only play once every season if I am going to hit the ball like I hit it today.

6. Interviewing for 1 and a 1/2 day for our new trainees starting in September and being fairly sure we have got the right 3 people after being impressed by most of the people that we were lucky enough to have walk in our doors.

7. Catching up with a number of friends who we see infrequently or weekly but only get the chance to normally exchange a few sentences with.

I could go on, but suffice to say looking back it was a good Easter… AND Norn Iron play tomorrow night. Good times never felt so good…


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