Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 15 March 08

Jazz hands

As I mentioned below, I have been involved in a number of Christianity Explored courses in my church. In early 2007, a couple of guys approached me who wanted to chat about running the course for a group of 4 or 5 of their friends. However, they weren’t sure how receptive they would be to it being run in the church. In the end, we ran a shortened course which 3 of their friends came to in one of their houses and read the Bible together one night a week over a few beers.

In the autumn, one of the guys who was on the course suggested we and our partners all go to see ‘Mamma Mia!’ in the Odyssey Arena in March ’08. The thought of any musical, nevermind one based on the songs of ABBA, didn’t appeal to myself or to H (who only really knows one of the wives in passing), but I kind of felt we should go with the guys having committed to the course (also, it was so far away, it didn’t really seem like we were committing to anything at the time).


Anyway, the night came and went last night. H and I talked about whether we could get out of it, but in the end agreed we’d (I’d?) committed to it and we’d see it through. We had an enjoyable meal in the Red Panda and then filed through for the show.

I have to say H enjoyed it… and I really enjoyed it. Okay, I’d had a couple of beers which probably helped, but it was just really good fun. I knew only about a third of the songs (and only really the choruses of that), but it was well produced, funny and something different. It didn’t try to be more than it was or take itself seriously as art. I’m not planning to start going to the West End over Old Trafford mind.




  1. The West End and Old Trafford – plenty of potential comedy material there…

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