Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 13 March 08

The Emperor’s New Clothes?

I consider myself a connoisseur of TV comedy. I have far too many DVDs and books on and about comedy shows. My taste is broad and ranges from the likes of classic sit-coms like Porridge and Dad’s Army through to the more surreal sketch shows from the likes of Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer. But try as I might, I simply do not get The Mighty Boosh.


A good friend of mine, Kicked by an Elephant, has a link to The Mighty Boosh’s website and so he obviously gets it. I watched most of the recent series on BBC3 and it was cleverly written and well shot. But I just didn’t find it funny very often (I would say each episode had a few moments where you could enjoy a smile, but that’s about it).  Each night I found myself saying at the end of the episode, “Why did I stay up to watch this again?”

A friend of mine in work described The Mighty Boosh as the Emperor’s New Clothes and I know what he means. I like clever comedy like Arrested Development (although there will always be a place for the Bottom’s of this world), but not at the expense of humour.

Here is something which never fails to make me laugh: the genius that is Clinton Baptiste at work (“Now I’m getting the word…”):

[FYI, the clip sort of starts into the end of a scene involving a fire safety officer called Keith Lard who has a certain alleged fondness for dogs. Clinton comes in just after that.]



  1. Bottom will always have a place (at the bottom). I found it really funny when I was at school.

    Boosh seems a bit like The League of Gentlemen to me. Although I enjoy Mighty Boosh a lot more. Some parts of it are slightly unsettling in a way I can’t quite put my finger on

  2. Two men being hit in the face with frying pans equals funny in anyone’s language.

    I loved the first series of The League of Gentlemen, enjoyed the second, thought the third was baffling and found the film engaging more than funny.

  3. I can see why the Boosh could be a bit like marmite in terms of its appeal, and it’s not always laugh out loud funny but I still think it’s genius!

    I also found Bottom really funny when I was at school and was interested to see a re-run recently (?on Dave) but I have to say I was quite disappointed and it didn’t seem nearly as good.

    Maybe my sense of humour has gotten more warped as I’ve aged.

  4. My view on Bottom hasn’t changed over the years. The first one (maybe two) series of Bottom should still stand up to viewing – after that, it was more of the same, served up with less and less effort. I would say you must have matured more than me over the years, but then I know you…

    The Boosh remains a mystery to me.

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