Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 27 February 08

Sweet vs sugar

We were leaving a restaurant tonight and on the way out I spotted what I assumed to be a bowl of brightly coloured, complimentary sweets. We’ve all (presumably) seen them, so me taking one from in front of the owner/manager, holding it up as if to say thanks, uttering “au revoir” in a Norn Iron accent and striding out into the night shouldn’t have led to the perplexed look of bewliderment on the man’s face when he watched me leave.

When I got outside, I discovered I had helped myself to two cubes of his sugar in an unusually eye-catching wrapping. The man must have thought that I was either (a) a cheeky thief taking something for the sake of it  right from under his nose or (b) a suger cube muching dick. I think my friends have plumped for option (b).




  1. I can so picture this and am killing myself laughing – glad you boys are having fun.

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