Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 27 February 08


My wife and daughter are in Belfast, both feeling sick. I am in France with Kicked by an Elephant and another friend (a non-blogger or ‘civilian’ as I am starting to think of them) at the start of a short ski-trip (we arrived today (Wednesday) and will be back on Saturday).

This trip has been planned for a while and the timing of it couldn’t really have worked out worse on the domestic front. I genuinely (no, really genuinely) did offer last night to stay home, but was assured that wasn’t necessary. I still feel bad, but my desire to head off for a few days change of scene (no work, lots of exercise, plenty of sleep, a chance to spend real quality time with two of the best friends I have ever had) won me over. I’m sure they will be fine (in fact, they may well be better off), but I want them to know that I am thinking of them.

PS KBE is determined to film some of our exploits on the slopes tomorrow and post them (the hotel has wi-fi and he brought his lap-top). He is suggesting all manner of jumps and “off-piste action”. The final moments of at least some of us on this world could therefore shortly be uploaded for posterity.


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