Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 25 February 08

‘Is that still or fizzy?’

QMonkey was posting recently about water, so I thought I’d join him with something that bugs me…

Am I the only one who thinks sparkling mineral water tastes awful? Someone recently described it to me as tasting like you’d thrown in a dissolvable disprin to a glass of water, although it has always reminded me of carbonated water made on my mum’s old Sodastream machine (you have to be a certain age…) which you tried to drink before adding a flavour. I am constantly amazed that there is a market for it.




  1. sodastreams were great… it was almost alchemy! … the indian tonic water was the most dissapointing!

    i do like sparkling water now adays though…(an aquired taste like garlic and olives and whiskey) some one showed me recently the massive salt content in it – which put me off a little.

  2. Agreed – don’t understand the market for it either – disgusting – much like diet coke but it seems quite popular too!

  3. I loved my Mum’s Sodastream! Actually I can’t believe she bought it because she’s very against ‘unhealthy’ things such as fizzy drinks – we must have nagged her into it.

    I agree fizzy water (or water with gas as I now think of it) is an acquired taste – I never order it now, but quite liked it while living in Austria and drinking it on an almost daily basis.

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