Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 17 February 08

I now understand Iraq better

H and I have split responsibilties in our house regarding the heating: I check when we are running low on oil and H orders oil it when we need it. Unfortunately, the system broke down this weekend (which, by a happy coincidence, happens to be the coldest weekend in the last six weeks or so) when I realised I hadn’t checked the oil in ages. I checked it yesterday morning and found we were really very low. I told H we would need to order oil as a priority on Monday and, within 2 hours, we promptly ran out.


The three of us have spent most of the weekend huddled around 1 blow heater, which we have been moving between the living room and K’s bedroom. Hopefully, we will be able to get oil early tomorrow morning, but I feel really bad about dropping the ball on this (to be fair, H hasn’t tried to make me feel bad at all). Sometimes you just have to hold up your hands and say you made a mistake. In this instance, that was easy (I didn’t do my job), but why do I find it so difficult on most other occasions? We try to deflect blame onto others who may have played some minor role in whatever we’ve botched up, or try to justify ourselves. As a still relatively new parent, it is something I’m going to have to keep working on myself if I am going to instill a good sense of responsibility in K.



  1. Did you know that Maxol garages sell 20 litre tanks of oil for emergencies such as that? Guess you didn’t but you do now for next time !!

  2. Thanks – a lot of people have now informed me of that fact! The tank if full to the brim now and the house is just about ihabitable.

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