Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 13 February 08


A couple of days ago in Belfast, a man was hacked to death by a gang of blokes wielding machetes in his bedroom in front of his heavily pregnant wife, seemingly as part of a gypsy feud.

Yesterday, a man was found shot down outside Strabane, possibly after having been abducted as a result of a feud with dissident republicans.

A peaceful society is not a healed society and no amount of working together at Stormont will fix that. Somtimes it is really evident that things just aren’t right in the world. I’ve no pat answers to that – just a nagging feeling that all the things that aren’t right in me and my life make me part of the problem and a thankfulness that I am accepted anyway.



  1. […] TwoBigYellowCranes (regular commenter) brings to light the tragic case of the man who was killed last week in Belfast, in front of his pregnant wife. I’m not saying that TBYC isn’t right to highlight this, but i remember the days, all too well when this wouldn’t even have got a mention on the local news, because of all the other tribal killings, shootings and punishment beatings. We do ourselves a disservice by not recognising progress. Sometimes the glass IS half full. […]

  2. I’ve responded against QMonkey’s original post if anyone is following this.

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