Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 12 February 08

Vote Larry

Obama, Clinton, McCain, Huckabee… pah. I’ll get excited when I see Larry David’s name on the ticket.




  1. I think you’ve shown great disrespect to Ron Paul by not including him in that list…

    On another note, it’s good to see someone giving the old TNIV a plug. Is it catching on in NI churches?

  2. You see, I just don’t get it. I’ve tried to watch it a couple of times and just don’t find it funny or enjoyable. Is it a gender thing, is this male humour?

  3. Genius, pure genius. the other nights episode re toilet breaks was classic. My fav ones are when Ted danson shows up.

  4. Smoothstones, it can’t be a gender thing because my wife absolutely loves it. Last night, I wanted to watch something else and she insisted we start into season four!

    I would suggest trying a bit of Seinfeld to break yourself into the style of things gently before working straight up to Curb Your Enthusiasm.

  5. Fair play to Ron – he just won’t take “no” as an answer…

    The TNIV is now our pew Bible of choice, but I don’t think that that is the case throughout the denomination. Just that bit more accessible.

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