Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 12 February 08

‘Tayto crisps and a Club orange please’

Belfast has some great places to eat despite what you may have heard about Norn Iron cuisine (largely because they rely on our own great local produce and draw the actual receipes from other cultures). I had lunch with some work colleagues in a new restaurant round the corner from the office called No. 27 Talbot Street a short while ago and would thoroughly recommend it. Here are some others: 

  1. Aldens, Upper Newtownards Road – outside of the city centre, but close to home and our favourite restaurant . Great food, nice staff, just (just) on the right side of pricey.
  2. Nick’s Warehouse, Hill Street – right bang in the middle of the Cathedral Quarter and 5 minutes’ walk from the office. Great for lunch with a menu that constantly changes (I thought about saying ‘constantly evolves’, but even in my mind I couldn’t take myself seriously).
  3. Cayenne, Great Victoria Street – Paul Rankin of ‘Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook’ runs this, but don’t let his annoying Norn Iron/USA hybrid accent put you off (espero, I am sure a Norn Iron/Canadian accent is much more acceptable). Good food, but the reputation means it is dear.
  4. Shu, Lisburn Road – outside of my comfort-zone (i.e. east Belfast and the city centre), so I’ve not eaten there often. That said, I’ve always had good meals there and it has a nice bar undeneath it as well which is nice.
  5. Ginger, Hope Street – good restaurant, but small so lack of organisation means it is rarely booked in time for us to get a table.

Places to avoid to follow (subject to legal advice…) In the meantime, please feel free to add your own favourites.



  1. no mention for the Hot Spot… stunned.

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