Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 9 February 08

“How them Larrys working out for you?”


Saw “No Country for Old Men” tonight at the cinema (which is quite a novelty – pre-K H and I often went once a week). Excellent film – I love the Coen brothers’ style and gift of story telling. Similar paced film to “Fargo” in that lots happened without you really taking it on board and probably most similar to it in terms of content too, although a suprisingly high (and more bloody) body count. Really good performance by Josh Brolin and also by Kelly McDonald (who I think is married to the bass player in Travis).


Because of baby-sitting arrangements and screen times, we had to got to the Storm Cinema in the Odyssey Pavilion. I dislike Storm because it is a rip-off (it cost us about £15 including car parking) and I am a supporter of our local east Belfast cinema the Strand (it may be falling down, but its a local cinema for local people). Whilst I dislike Storm, I really, really hate the Odyssey Pavilion with a passion. It is a temple to the false religion of trying to find some meaning to the working week on Friday and Saturday nights. I like a good meal, I like a beer, I like the odd night out. But when you are confronted by teenage girls freezing outside in the cold, puffing on ciggies and swigging from bottles of WKD, it is depressing. Inside, it is no better. The word that strikes me most often when I go in there is ‘soulless’. It is empty despite hosting a hive of people.


The only upside is the Odyssey Arena, which gives Belfast a great indoor stadia for live events. However, even it has a downside – the bloody Belfast Giants. Local football is dying on its arse and you have people paying to watch a bunch of second-rate North American skaters starting fights (and this is ‘family’ entertainment?) I don’t follow GAA, but I can understand people who do and fully appreciate the local culture that goes with those games. Ice hockey is just a bastardised import to sell badly coloured and hugely over-sized merchandise to the easily influenced. Keep Norn Iron sport Norn Irish.



  1. yes yes and yes

    I also saw no country for old men at the odyssey – had forgotten how tragic the place is.

    and the Belfast Giants – cultural colonialism. the brazen merchandising of washed-up has-beens and never-weres under the banner of “cross-community.” Prods and Catholics can watch these poor sods emptying each other together.

    Strand is a great cinema.

  2. does The Strand still rock the ‘double seats’? oh the memories flood.

    I’ve taken to going to the cinema on my own since our little one was born.. its that or nothing, cause the other half sees it as a waste of a baby sitter.

  3. I recommended the Strand to a girl in work who’d moved to east Belfast and I think she now thinks that I’m a bit odd. Multiplexes can be fine (especially for block-busters), but for me you can’t beat a local cinema with all its little quirks (such as the ‘double seats’).

    Once, H and I were the only two people in a screen for an entire film. We still whispered though (social conditioning).

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