Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 9 February 08

‘Are you going down the town?’

K is 21 months old and her speech is excellent – very clear. However, she has started to say the word ‘down’ in quite a strong Belfast accent (it is the only one). I am proud for reasons I cannot myself understand and have high hopes she may prove to be the next Juliet Turner, delighting people while singing in a strong Norn Iron accent (not a culchie one mind).

She was asked this week what her name was by a woman in M&S. She replied not with her actual name as her mother would like, but with ‘Chops’ as I call her. She couldn’t wait to tell me that night about the incident, saying a ‘lady’ had ‘laughed – ho, ho, ho’ beacuse she was ‘funny’. Apparently, by telling her that her name is ‘Chops”, her feet smell of ‘cheese’ and by encouraging her to blow ‘raspberries’ I am storing up problems for another day. So be it – she is not yet two and it all makes her laugh and it is hard to describe how good that makes me feel.



  1. She sounds VERY cute.
    We, on the other hand are giving our almost 4 year old intensive ‘How to speak Norn Iron’ lessons. He has a seriously mucked up accent after 2 years in Vancouver. He keeps correcting our vowel sounds so I’m guessing humilition at the hands of his P1 classmates come September will be his best teacher.

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