Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 5 February 08

‘Hello. My name in Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.’


Last night, H and I watched ‘The Princess Bride’ for the first time. It is a film that I had wanted to see for ages because some friends of mine have always talked about it and I already knew the above quotation off by heart. I had taped it at the start of the year off Five US, but it took some persuasion for H to watch it (she fell into line when I presented the alternative as ‘Wyatt Earp’).

The film is a fantasy film presented as a story book that a grandfather (played by Peter ‘Columbo’ Falk) reads to his sick grandson one day (Fred ‘The Wonder Years’ Savage). [As an aside, ITV3 have started showing ‘The Wonder Years’ from scratch this week at 7pm – there is a blast of nostalgia.]

I don’t propose in any blog on a film to set out much of the plot, because you can check that out if interested (and you haven’t already seen the film) on imdb. All I will say is it was a great film, very imaginative and just the right length. I enjoy any film where you are trying to spot the cameos first and there are some good ones in this.


I don’t think you really get a lot of true “family films” anymore. Rather, you get films that families go to that are aimed at kids. However, I could really see myself watching this with K in a few years time. Probably just on the right side of scary and with a love element, it had no swearing, no real violence and no sex. Hopefully this could prove a compromise choice in years to come, between something like ‘Finding Nemo’ and something like ‘Unforgiven’.



  1. I LOVE The Princess Bride, watched as a child and have also enjoyed it as an adult. I can’t believe you’ve never seen it before… obviously a deprived childhood!

  2. I know – it is “inconceivable” (get it???) that this gem should have slipped past me until now.

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