Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 30 January 08

Modern life is rubbish

I held out for a good while, but given that I was sharing my bed from Saturday night onwards with two vomiting females, the inevitable has happened. Just before 5pm at work yesterday, I barfed and have been off ill today.

I seem to have got away with a lighter version of whatever H and K have, because I have been able to keep some food down today and plan to go into work tomorrow. I might as well, because not only have I been tortured on my Blackberry all day but that has been combined with my daughter having cabin fever by virtue of having been stuck in the house for over 3 days and having more strops than I can previously recall.


I remember a feeling of huge pleasure (lets be honest, of self-importance) when I was first given my Blackberry and also thinking that it would make my life a whole lot easier because I could do more work out of work and make the work day easier. I bloody hate it now. It beeps constantly and just means that the work day can now run until I go to bed. If you don’t turn the thing off, you become used to looking at it everytime you pass it on your way to the kitchen or toilet without even realising it.

I remember speaking to our now retired senior partner who said that the main difference between when he started in our profession as opposed to when he left was the speed of response. Back then, only things that were really, really urgent were sent by fax. Now, everything is sent by e-mail and the expectation is that you will respond in kind without delay. Much quicker communication means that people’s expectations have rocketed too – oh, for the day of carrier pigeons like Speckled Jim…


My job brings with it a financial recompense which is very generous and we live a comfortable (yet not extravagent) life off the back of it. However, I am sometimes very envious of those whose jobs truly do finish at 5pm when I am leaving the office after 7pm and then spending more time at home working after K goes to bed (only a couple of nights a week in case you think I’m over doing the whole martyr thing). My plan is to try to ensure that I can retire by 45 and move seamlessly into one of those jobs for the remainder of my time on this planet. “Tungston tips? Those are in aisle 45 – come with me…”

I’m still feeling sick so please excuse the self-pitying tone of this post…


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