Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 27 January 08


This post was going to be about either a very good meal in Aldens, my comeback in competitive Saturday football after an 18 month self-imposed exile following the birth of K or my preparing/giving a talk at a youth service in my church on outreach. However, all of these events were over-shadowed by the events of the last 24 hours.

K went to bed fairly easily, but started to cry around 9.30pm. Over the monitor, the cries sounded a bit choked, so I rushed to her room to find her surrounded by puddles of sick, over herself, in her cot, over her cot onto the floor. This led to much running around, cleaning her up, cleaning her room up and trying to settle her down. However, she kept being sick and then just retching when she had nothing more to bring up.

One of H’s sisters and her little boy had a 24 hour bug thing, so we were wondering if K had caught that or whether it was something she ate. The former was confirmed when H was pretty sick at 2a.m. and from then on it was a rough night all round. Sunday was (thankfully) more settled, but both were sick again and had no energy. They have now conked out on our bed.

Thus far, my superior diet of crisps, few vegetables and Lucozade seems to have put me in good stead and I have held off from succombing to the bug. This has meant that I have spent most of the day trying to clean up the ladies of my life and generally meet their needs.

I should say that this is something that I am not used to. H largely keeps this house running and I just go with the flow. It is days like today that makes me realise how much I take her and all she does for granted. I work hard at a job that can be (mentally) exhausting at times and do bits and pieces around the home (dishes, ironing etc). However, much like a footballer sitting in front of the back four, you only really notice how some people go about their job so quietly when they aren’t doing it. K is now H’s no. 1 priority and that is a full-time job in of itself before you throw an increasingly disenchanted and grumpy lawyer expecting to have an easy ride at home into the mix. Hopefully I will remember (and be grateful for) this for longer than on previous occasions when something has brought this message home to me.

The other thing that I have learnt from today is that the human body can just operate for a day without sleep. Hopefully, I won’t be testing whether it can operate for 2 days without sleep.



  1. Lots of love to your two ladies, hope they’re both feeling better soon. I’m guessing from this post you’ll not be wanting to become a stay at home dad any time soon!

  2. I’d quite happily stay at home if I was the only one there…

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