Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 26 January 08


Annual church quiz tonight (no Bible round). Always a really good night and one of the events where people seem more than willing to bring family members and friends, which is great (people hopefully left having had a great time and having sensed a real feeling of a community). It also poses questions as to why people aren’t more willing to invite their friends to more “direct” events and, as a counter, why we as a church can’t do more events like that where people feel comfortable bringing friends to.

My team tonight was H and myself (my mum baby-sat K), H’s mum and dad and one of her sisters. Good range of knowledge across a whole range of subjects and after 4 rounds we had only dropped one point.

Then came a round with a map of Norn Iron and 12 names of potential towns to match up with 8 identified points on the map. We got 4 and, to be honest, without anyone else, I think I knew 2 (I may have lucked out on a couple of others). For a man so proud of Norn Iron, I obviously know very little about anywhere outside of Belfast (you can even narrow that down to the east and south) and North Down. Poor.

The last few years, teams I have been in came 2nd in the quiz, but this year we came joint 5th, five points behind the winners. A really good night though and some good banter between the teams.

Here is a tester for you: which is the only 1 of the 52 American states not to feature any one of the letters in the name of the President, “George W. Bush”? We didn’t get it in time.





    (isn’t google great!) Nice teaser 🙂

    If only George W Bush wasn’t in any of the American States…

    Check out this great widget I have on my google home page of ‘Bush-isms’:


    ‘I haven’t had a chance to talk, but I’m confident we’ll get a bill that I can live with if we don’t.
    –George w. Bush

    referring to the McCain-Kennedy patients’ bill of rights

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