Posted by: twobigyellowcranes | 22 January 08

Belfast is the new London…

…for dark television programmes on serial killers that is. 


I don’t know if you happened to see ‘Messiah V’ on the BBC on Sunday and Monday nights. Albeit with a completely new cast, it followed in the vein of the previous four series of having serial killers commiting increasingly improbable killings with a religious twist. Completely far fetched, but fairly gripping.

The story may have been set in London, but it was actually filmed in Belfast. I know this because walking on my way to work from my car park one morning last year, there were TV trailers and loads of equipment out on Donegall Street. They were filming at the old Northern Bank and I spotted Mark Warren from ‘Hustle’ looking very made up. One of the girls I work with went out and asked what it was.

This gave watching the programme over the last couple of nights an added dimension as H and I tried to see who could spot any tell-tale signs of where it was actually filmed if not set. H spotted the Belfast Eye in one night-time scene (like the London Eye but smaller and with apparently a lot less to see when you get up there…) and I spotted (anybody, anybody?) two certain big yellow cranes in the far distance over a scene looking out of a window out of some very run-down (and undoubtedly Belfast based) block of flats.

One added possible link to Belfast. In one scene, three Chinese guys kicking a can about in an alleway discovered a body and I am 99.99% sure one of the guys works in my local take-away restaurant. H is highly dubious, but I get on very well with the guys there, enjoy a bit of banter with them and think we are casual acquaintances.  (As an aside, they always give me free prawn crackers when I pick up our order, but never do when H picks it up – further proof if it were needed that I am a man of the people…) It was an extras’ role with no dialogue and so I am sure they would have used some local guys.

H is worried that if I mention this the next time I pick our food up at the take-away, I may just be taken as some ignorant who thinks all Chinese people look the same. However, I’m going to ask anyway because I am that confident it was him. I will keep you posted.


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